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Invitation to Re-enactors

Lords, Ladies and Gentlefolk of all ages from around the Re-Enacting world, we invite you to attend England's Medieval Festival at Herstmonceux Castle

It is a very great pleasure that we invite you to be our guest at England's Medieval Festival at Herstmonceux Castle. This spectacular event is held every August Bank Holiday weekend on the grounds of the magnificant Herstmonceux Castle.

From humble beginnings the Festival has grown to become Britain's largest annual three day celebration of the colourful middle ages, attracting thousands of visitors, re-enactors, performers, musicians, artisans and craft workers from around the world.

Please read the information in the 'Re-enactors' section and complete the forms in those sections that apply to your group or interests.

Daily Features of the Festival include:

Mounted Skill-at-Arms Tournaments with trophies and prizes.

Knight's Tournament with trophies and cash prizes

Living History Competition with trophies and cash prizes.

Archery Tournament - longbow & crossbow with trophies and prizes.

A frontal Siege of Herstmonceux Castle and a concluding Battle in the rear battlefield with cannons, siege engines and cavalry and over 500 combatants.

Europe's Largest Medieval Traders Village

Village Stage - Musicians, Singers, Jugglers and General Exhibitionists - welcome all!

15th Century Moated Castle - 600 acre estate

Beer & Food Marquee with entertainment (day and night)

Living History Camping Areas within spectacular grounds.

Modern Camp Site with showers and facilities.

Free to Participants.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting weekend - Register Now

See you at the Festival